Thursday, February 12, 2009


Last night we started a new class at our church based around the movie "Fireproof". First off, all I have to say is Curt freakin Cameron...good God! I'm pretty sure that my left testy could ack better than this guy!!! Overall a very positive movie for marriage's and should be watched by all young married couples that want to shoot each other on a daily basis...

All this aside we watched the movie last night on the big screen at church which was cool because it was like having a private movie theater. One problem...Loriann and Chip in the same place watching a bad movie with all sorts of strange things going on around us equals the Grinnell's being very disruptive and did we have fun! There is a guy in our church that is on an oxygen machine which sustains his very life...did you know that every few seconds one of these machines makes a very loud pssshhhhtttttt sound? It sounds like a blow of valve on an air compressor...this noise was made 1000-1500 times during the movie and it was funny every single time. Sitting just down the row from us hidden in the darkness was a man with the most annoying laugh that I have ever heard in my life...funny at first but then it brought on feelings of murderous rage by me and by my nine month preggers wife...which was VERY funny. So to whoever was laughing like a retarded orangutan...YOUR LAUGH SUCKS! Man blogging really lets of the steam...much like that guys air compressor of an oxygen machine. Lor and I were taking bets on how long the old guy would live if we pinched of the line. We didn't because we didn't want to disrupt the movie...oh wait the sucky laugh guy already did my bad. But the best part of the whole evening was my wife's pregnant onion powder omelet burp's that she kept squeaking out like no one would notice...dear God was that awful....So in conclusion Curt + Old oxygen tank man + sucky laugh guy + pregger onion burps + Chip being in a silly mood to start with equaled out to quite a fun evening in which the Grinnell's remembered how fun it was to laugh together at other people's expense...I love you sweetheart! (and your onion burp's)

Grinwell out...


  1. you are pretty critical of poor kurt cameron..yes i will admitt the acting sucked..but it had one of the best messages i have ever seen in a movie..besides i thought i saw a few glistening tears on your cheek a couple times during the movie;) anyway, about my burps..they were grody goat cheese i will admitt..not even the old honey lemon cough drops could cover up the stench..darn acid reflux!! my perfume was pleasant though huh? Oh wait..james sais it smells like beer!! who cares..he smells like a 17 year old fresh out of gym class..besides..i cant afford ed hardy all the time..toilet paper & groceries come first:) so until then my cheap body spray will have to do:) I'll try to cook dinner tonight w/o onion powder. Did i tell you that you are my best friend and i love you with all my heart my love:) xoxoxoxox k. thanks. bye.

  2. Let's all be glad there were no Daytons added to the mix. That would have been just raucous.


    You have to read this. You will probably pee.


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